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Bathini Goud's Prasadam: A claim to cure Asthma permanently

India TV News Desk 05 Jun 2015, 12:21:58 IST
India TV News Desk

Those having asthma can understand how it feels when the wheezing, chest tightness and coughing continue incessantly, and shortness of breath makes it even worse. The concentration goes for a toss, sleep is never sound and there are various factors which aggravate the problem, hence too many precautions also.

All in all, one thing that every Asthma patient wishes desperately is something that can give him or her permanent relief, peace of mind and above all – regular breath.

A Hyderabadi family of Bathini Goud's has claimed to have found a permanent cure to this problem that involves the ‘Prasadam' (now, a herbal health supplement) that they give to their patients.

Ask what is the ‘Prasadam' or ‘herbal supplement' like; the answer is - a 5 cm wriggling live sardine fish (also known as murrel fish) carrying a paste in its mouth.

Yes, the family makes the patients eat a live, 5 cm fish to cure their asthma. Interestingly, as claimed by many, the medicine is highly effective. Infact, every year lakhs of people throng this open camp of Goud's to get the ‘Prasadam' which they swallow with great difficulty.

Though controversial since years, but the Bathini Goud's claim, as do may others who visit their camps, that the medicine is highly successful in curing Asthma and it needs to be taken only once a year followed by precautions for a couple of days.

The camp is organized only for a single day in the starting of June, every year. This time it will be on 8th June starting at 11:45 PM (night) and will continue non-stop for next 24 hours.

Like last year, this time also lakhs, and may be even more are expected to populate this place. Even special trains and provisions are also made to accommodate the crowd and control the rush for the camp where visitors are only charged 10 Rs for the receipt.

Though veterans of medical science scrap their claim of curing the Asthma in this manner and doubt the secret medicine that they use in the fish, Bathini Goud's say that it is a secret passed to their family in 1845 by a sage and will continue to remain so among men of their lineage.

Check the video, how patients are made to swallow the medicine -