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Being Beautiful: Real beauty lies within!

India TV News Desk 12 Nov 2014, 13:50:39 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Andar se khush rahogi, to bahar chamakti nazar aogi!
This video is so different and refreshingly beautiful, that you just can not do away without sharing it with your gal pals.



It's like a fresh lease of life with a very meaningful message to share. Replete with some awe-inspiring visuals and a nice narration by actress Divya Dutta, this one is a must watch.
It rightly says, "Stop fooling yourself no fairness cream or soap will ever make you beautiful, the real beauty lies within, do what makes you happier instead of thinking how people would judge you."
"Enchant yourself by learning something new, when you stand for someone's right that makes you the real hero, make yourself available for people, there is nothing wrong with falling in love over and over again. And there is nothing wrong in aging gracefully and never let the child in you die, let go of your emotions, crying is alright, don't let anybody interfere in your personal life."
For all the ladies out there, remember the 'Real Diva is within u, you just have to dig little deeper.