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6 most breathtaking rail-routes of India

India TV News Desk 27 Jun 2015, 18:56:42 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Indian railways has not just been an integral part of transportation in the country, but has played a vital role in making our childhood more fun-filled. One of the best parts about growing in 90's was to travel in trains.  

The memories of reaching railway platforms, fighting for the window seat, buying stuff in train and the pleasure of travelling in the ‘chuk-chuk gaadi' made our childhood complete. While we all have travelled numerous times in trains across the country, yet there are certain rail routes in India that are so stunning that no matter how many times you travel by through routes, they still seem as breathtaking as they looked on the first sight:

Himalayan Queen

The railway route from Kalka to Shimla is one of the best railway routes in India. One gets to travel by a toy train, which surely make you feel nostalgic about your childhood. During the 96 km long journey the train passes through 102 tunnels and 82 bridges, the journey will give you a thrilling experience right from the beginning to the end.

While it takes around 5 hours to reach the destination, one can witness the picturesque beauty of the Himalayas from pine trees, oak, Rhododendron forests, Deodar to beautiful hills and valleys. This journey is no less a treat for the eyes.