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Planning to buy heels? Hope you are not making these mistakes then!

India TV News Desk 18 Jun 2015, 20:04:33 IST
India TV News Desk

Women love shopping and when it comes to shopping for footwear, it's like cherry on the top.

They can spend the entire day shopping for their footwear.

But there are certain things other than price that ladies forgo when it comes to buying footwear. Women don't realise that their feet change constantly due to factors like ageing, weight gain or loss and even pregnancy.

Yet they keep on buying the same shoe size for themselves which turns out to be problematic later on.

Apart from this there are other mistakes as well which 9 out of 10 ladies make while buying footwear for themselves. Read what they are:

Buying heels in the morning

Shocked that how time of buying can make a difference? But, the fact is that it does! It is always good to buy heels towards the end of the day as our feet get swollen as the day ends. This will help one get the right fitting of the footwear.

Buying shoes that don't fit in

Something that is not fitting now; will fit never! Ladies believe that the footwear which doesn't fit in at present will loosen up in the future and will fit in perfectly then.

But the fact is that the shoe which doesn't fit in now will not fit in the future as well.

Also, one interesting thing that you might not know is that majority of us have one foot bigger than the other, so when buying shoes fit the shoe to your larger foot first. And if you do not know which one is it (as it is not clearly visible) so it is always good to try it in both the feet and see the comfort level then.

Wearing heels for a long time

It's not good to wear heels for a long time.

But who doesn't love wearing heels that compliment the outfit, especially on a special event?

So it is better to carry a comfortable pair of shoes with you, which you can wear once your event is over so that you don't have to wear heels for a longer period of time.