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Crazy or committed? What will you call these wildlife photographers?

India TV News Desk 28 Jun 2015, 16:09:11 IST
India TV News Desk

Some may call them crazy but it could be their passion and dedication too! A commitment to capture what others do not normally dare to!

The sheer madness of these photographers towards their passion did not deter them from risking their lives as well.

Give a look at the extent to which they went to get that one perfect click!!!



A Grand dare: Let's see what you have!!!

You better don't fly this time or I'll SHOOT you!!!

Okay I promise, I'll not show my face to you ever....but atleast you show yours please!!!

Keep playing till your mama gets you something really yummy!!!

How dare you click our picture when we were not even ready!!!

Hey....where are you??

I don't always like being clicked!!!

Excuse me....I am not Obama's kitty!!!

Open your mouth a li'l more please....

You stupid fellow...I was anyway ready to get clicked!!!

Why are you not clicking our photos??

See how awesome you looked when you were getting yourself clicked!!!

He..he...he....now how will you recognise me???

Kiddo I am also giant like your mama....so say cheese!!!

You can't click me that ugly....

Hmm....got one to play hide and seek....

Here...lemme click you a beautiful selfie!!!