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Why just girls have all the fun? Delhi's pubs to start men's night soon (view pics)

India TV News Desk 07 August 2014, 6:45
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Delhi is known for its lavish and magnificent night life.

Till now only ladies were given special perks with free drinks and others by the pub and bar owners every week but now they have decided to have special night out packages of guys too.

Ladies nights are common, now giving tough competition to Delhi ladies, pubs to start gentemen's Night. Well, call it a marketing strategy or initiative to make guys feel at home; this will certainly bring smiles to many men's face apart from boosting business.

 Setting a new trend in the capital's nightlife, Moonshine Cafe in Hauz Khas Village hosted their second gentlemen's night recently.

Most people seemed surprised at the concept.  The guys are usually equally enthusiastic followers even without the perks because there are plus one duty to be fulfilled and a good `crowd' to party with. And now if they are getting such special offers the celebartion will be doubled.

Perks like one night of discounts, special treatment by offering extended happy hours and 1Ư on drinks all day long are some of the idea which owners have decided to implement.

 According to Kabeer Marwah, co-owner of Moonshine Cafe at Hauz Khas Village (HKV), the concept of ladies nights has become very ordinary. He says, "Every night some or the other pub has a ladies' nights. And in a place like HKV , on a Tuesday or a Thursday at least two-three venues have ladies' nights. So we tried to come up with a concept that stands out from the rest. Ladies nights have become very ordinary now and the concept that guys will go to a place that has ladies is old. Guys will go to a place that treats them special and after all these years, we think they deserve a special night. It's a new concept and has been gaining popularity every passing week," as quoted by a leading daily.

 Not just HKV but some posh hangout places in CP and Nehru Place too offer such delights to people. Mostly its male who end up shelling out more money so it is expected that the idea with be a big hit among people.

Some tempting offers for guys are- HKV: Gentlemen's night on Tuesday WAREHOUSE CAFE, CP AND THE FLYING SAUCER, NEHRU PLACE: Extended happy hours and 1Ư on drinks on Tuesdays

 RAASTA, HKV: Exclusive all-night happy hours on Tuesdays

 1 BOULEVARD, SAKET: Exclusive happy hours till midnight on Tuesdays

 THE TOWN HOUSE CAFE, CP: 1Ư on IMFL, 2Ư on premium liquor till 10pm on Tuesdays

CHAPTER 25, SAKET: Drink till you drop night on Mondays

ROOST BISTRO, HKV: Unlimited cocktails package on Mondays HAPPY HOURS FOR HAPPY GUYS
The statement ‘Why should boys have all the fun' is applicable here. So guys cheer up!