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Even a newborn can post a selfie

India TV News Desk 07 November 2014, 10:57
India TV News Desk

London: Your baby could post his or her first selfie with the help of this device.

Called The New Born Fame, the stuffed toy looks like a mobile dangling over a baby's crib but it lets the newborn post pictures and videos online.

Some of the apps attached to the mobile are Twitter and Facebook which post videos when the baby touches them, MailOnline reported.

It also has a "selfie-ball" camera that snaps and uploads pictures each time it gets rotated after being touched by the baby.

The device is developed by Laura Cornet, a student at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

"Suppose if the baby is at the creche or with the babysitter, the 'selfie ball' can send pictures to his/her working parents to see that everything is alright," Cornet was quoted as saying.