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Yoga gives Ellie Goulding 'biggest high'

India TV News Desk 25 Jun 2014, 19:06:23 PM IST
India TV News Desk
London: Singer Ellie Goulding, who has flaunted her perfect abs for a magazine's forthcoming issue, says that she relies on different forms of exercise to stay fit. But it is yoga that gives her the biggest high.

The 27-year-old graces the July issue of Self magazine looking fit in a crop top and track pants.

Goulding opened up about how working out is like water or food for her and it's something she needs every day, reports eonline.com.

"My training is part of my life. It's something I need to do every day, because it affects my mood, my fitness, even my mindset onstage,” she said.

The singer also goes through a rigorous, offstage exercise routine and typically prefers a mix of boxing, gymnastics, martial arts, Barry's Bootcamp, Insanity DVD and yoga.

As for her favourite way to workout, she said: "I get the biggest high when I do yoga. People don't realize that there's such an incredible drug in life that doesn't involve any substances."

As if that exercise routine wasn't disciplined enough, she also makes time to go running outside her London flat whenever she can.

"I don't feel emotional when I run, and that's what I love about it. It keeps me present more than anything else,” she said.