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Do your eyeglasses suit your face shape?

India TV News Desk 12 Jun 2015, 17:29:38 IST
India TV News Desk

Everyone likes wearing eyeglasses be it sunglasses or the normal ones. So what do you do when you plan to buy yourself an eye frame?

Go to the shop, select the frame, buy it and just walk out! That's what most of you do!

But wait! Are you sure that the eyeglasses you bought suit your face shape?


Well, every human face on this earth has a different shape like - round, oval, oblong, heart and square - and every eyeglass is not meant to suit every face shape.

So the below mentioned points will tell you which kind of frames would go with your face type.


Oval face has balanced proportions because of which it is considered to be an ideal face shape. So for this face, it's better to choose frames that are either very wide or wider than the broadest part of the face. One can even opt for the walnut shaped frames that are neither too narrow nor too deep.


A round face features curved lines having width and length in same proportions and does not have any angles. So in order to make the face look thin and long, one should go for narrow frames like rectangular shape which are wider than they are deep.


This type of face has a broad forehead and a strong jaw line. Narrow frames will go best with this face type as it will make it look longer.


Face that has a narrow eye line and jaw line and has broad cheek bones is a heart-shaped face. People with this kind of face are quite rare. It is better to try rimless, oval or cat-eyes shaped frame for heart shape faces.


This type of face is long and has a long straight cheek line and even a long nose. So in order to make the face look short, look for frames that are decorative, have more depth and if possible a low bridge to make the nose look short.