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Hindu temples of Pakistan that are also visited by Muslims!

India TV News Desk 22 Jun 2015, 9:10:56 IST
India TV News Desk

Though difficult to believe but still true, that our estranged Muslim nation and once India's part, Pakistan too has some Hindu temples. From Maa Durga to Hanuman, the country is home to several Hindu deities revered at 26 distinct spots. The country, which has less than 2% of Hindu population, has temples as old as the times of Mahabharata.

Till 1947, it had around 300 temples; but most of them were demolished after the destruction of Babri Mosque in India in 1992.

Even after that, the country still houses several Hindu temples and some of them are so revered that not only Hindus but even Muslims and Sikhs pay homage to them and together fight for their protection.

Here we are presenting the account of some such famous Hindu temples of Pakistan: