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An emotional dad getting FB lessons from her daughter!

India TV News Desk 28 Nov 2014, 11:00:51 AM IST
India TV News Desk

How it feels when you catch your parents enjoying Facebook activities more than you. You can always see at least a dozen of comments, game requests and shares by your parents and relatives as your notifications.
And once there was a time when you were being scolded for constantly sitting online!
All of us can relate to this video, after Facebook became a rage amongst youth and children, the older generation too tried to fit in and bam! They now consider themselves more happening then you.

This social revolution somewhere helped our parents in sorting out their tech issues on social network.
But we never knew that FB will become a platform of watchdogs, where our pics and status' will come under constant scrutiny, not only by our family but by our distant relatives as well.
We all have had our share of embarrassment when our dad or mom commented on our status intentionally or unintentionally to pull our leg. We often see some overtly religious people spamming our timeline with their faith. Video also makes a passing mention about Facebook becoming a tool of marriage counseling.
Watch it and enjoy it!