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Singlehood: Only Indian husband would understand this feeling!

India TV News Desk 16 Nov 2014, 10:31:44 AM IST
India TV News Desk

This video is a funny take on Indian husbands; lies which they often resort to, and how they make absurd excuses every second day in order to avoid  their wife's ire.

And how their face brightens up upon hearing their sister-in-law's arrival but put up a brave fake smile when they come to know that their mother-in-law is coming.

Only an innocent wife will not raise her brow, if she gets to know that her husband is making a visit to Thailand because a trip to Thailand often means something more than business.

The 'karwa chauth' punch inspired by Yash Raj films, where wives expect her husband to keep fast is way too hilarious.
If you forget the anniversary or their birthdays then you are doomed.

This is a common perception that men always have a final say as they are men, and they also pretend to show off their chauvinist side among their friends but only God (and even men themselves) knows, who is the real boss at home.

The video, successfully captures the immeasurable joy of a subservient husband, when he comes to know that her wife will not be there  for a week and he will get ample time to spend with his pals.
So watch video to know it better...