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See how FIFA World Cup is affecting sex lives (view pics)

India TV News Desk 19 Jun 2014, 7:09:45 AM IST
India TV News Desk
If you believed only women had the prowess of keeping men on their toes for sex, then you had totally been wrong all this while.

Men, who never let go of an opportunity of getting some action between the sheets, have been observed to be excusing themselves from sex and their lack of interest is not to be blamed this time!

Women often complain that their partners have been excusing their ways out of sex at night during the peak time of football game season, and with FIFA World Cup 2014 roaring high, men are finding it extremely difficult to catch up with some bedroom action.

Guys avoid sex during premier world cup seasons with excuses like, 'Baby, not tonight!', 'I actually have a headache', 'I'm too upset, I must go out for a walk to chill', or the best, 'I'll be working late tonight'.

It's not a jigsaw puzzle to put pieces together and get an idea that your guy wants to watch his favourite team playing instead of getting kinky tonight.

Give the guy a little credit for speaking the truth if he comes home and say, 'I want to watch the match instead'.