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The funniest 'Selfie' rehabilitation camp in today's time!

India TV News Desk 17 Nov 2014, 10:10:06 AM IST
India TV News Desk

There's a new saying going on these days, 'You can forget living, but can't forget taking selfies'!


It's the one of the funniest take on uncontrolled selfie culture by 'Being Indian' team, where people have misconstrued themselves as celebrities and click themselves for smallest of occasion, no matter how unnecessary and stupid it seems.


In a selfie rehabilitation camp, the selfie addicts were sharing their experiences and expressing their inability to resist its temptation. This video very aptly shows how virtual existence has become more important than ones real life.


People and their weird expressions, in their bid to look trendy and get followers  they make faces which are often less stylish and more laughable, girls are the greater victim of this culture as they get more likes and comments which give them an upper hand over their male counterparts.


Don't miss that part where the girl says, "It's been 4 weeks since I took my last selfie", and one of the listener starts clapping with respect...