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Heading to college and feeling stressed?

IANS 01 Aug 2014, 19:15:31 PM IST
New York: In college and cannot manage stress owing to studies or frequent relationship troubles? Take heart.

A new research shows that many college students are stressed out and are not coping well.

"This is despite the fact that there are simple ways for students to relieve stress and feel happier," said Keith King, professor and coordinator of University of Cincinnati's health promotion and education programme.

Stop, pause and breathe, contact your buddy to express yourself, eat healthy, maintain an exercise regime and do not miss on daily "Me Time".

"Remember to halt: Make sure you're not hungry, angry, lonely and tired. If you can take care of these four things, you're more likely to lose stress," King added.

King and fellow UC researchers based their study on an anonymous, voluntary survey taken by 498 students assessing their overall happiness and stress level.

Results showed that students who reported low perceived happiness felt higher stress levels and lower emotional closeness to others.

Several students reported they felt stressed, but were not doing anything about it.

Nearly 61 percent reported having high stress and 72 percent reported low frequency in using stress-management techniques.

"Do not complicate lives and remember the potential benefit a five-minute walk outside or a quick water break could have on your emotional state," King advised.

It is not rocket science, King added, but "the reality of it is a lot of people are not doing the positive to get happy. Do these things and you will feel happier".

The research was published in the Journal of Happiness & Well-Being.