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6 hilarious obstacles a foreigner faces in India

India TV News Desk 04 Nov 2014, 9:27:11 AM IST
India TV News Desk

If you had the chance to visit a foreign country, what's the first thing you remember looking out for?

An Indian face…? Restaurant or dine-ins serving Indian food…? Most importantly somebody understanding your (personalized) version of English?

Can you imagine how it feels to be in a place full of strangers, with different languages, food and what not? For some, India is exactly that place!

This video will give you a glimpse of India through a foreigner's eye; how they adjust to spicy Indian food, cope with random Indian girls looking out for chances to get a green-card.

They (some Indian girls) would often start with inviting you for coffee at home after a party and actually end up asking you to meet her parents.

Adding up to all this, they (foreigners) have to deal with people categorizing them all as 'American' regardless of their ginger hair or even thick British accent!

Some even mistake these foreigners to be people dealing  in abused substances.

And how they fail to understand India's obsession with Bollywood, why songs and dance sequences are unnecessarily tucked in every Hindi flick.Besides all this you'll also see the famous Maria Sharapova-Sachin Tendulkar episode quiet tacitly covered here...