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Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson- the latest victims of love?

India TV News Desk 14 Nov 2014, 9:56:17 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Love is blind, and can even make you go mad! Everything is fair in love and war!

Many such proverbs on the emotion of 'Love' are popular among the people from across the globe. But I think love has gone the wrong way for two of the most famous Hollywood celebrities.

First in the list is Twilight star – Robert Pattinson, who shaved off his hairs for love and second is 'Pop Diva' Taylor Swift, who has dropped down her cool attire and gone completely unrecognizable as she posed for a magazine cover, also for love.

Robert Pattinson

Twilight Star has set millions of hearts on fire, but now as he has chosen the love of his life, the star is not afraid of giving away his much-loved hair.

Robert Pattisnon, famous for his full and seemingly untameable locks, gave the world a sneak-peak of his very bizarre new hair do, as he and girlfriend FKA twigs head back to their hotel in New York on Monday.

Off lately, the Heartthrob star has been spotted wearing a lot of unusual hats and beanies and now it can be revealed why.

However, the reason behind his new mysterious look can't be determined but as if now, paparazzi are blaming his new girlfriend for this unusual transformation or devastation, as we call it.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, who is much appreciated and loved for her famous fringe and sense of style, as much as she is for her addictive music, has unveiled a completely new look for the latest edition of Wonderland magazine.

Her favorite red lipstick, silky straight hair, thin eyebrows and whitish complexion has altogether gone missing, making her absolutely unrecognizable.

You surely wouldn't have known that she is Taylor Swift, if we didn't name her.

Take a look at her three new looks.

1. First picture shows her hairs curled back, while she dons denim shirt with matching denim jacket.


2. In second picture, the lady is seeb embrace in a nineties-esque look: with a crocheted jumper.


3. A third shot sees her  wearing a sixties-inspired cocktail dress with buttons and pointed shoes.

Her new looks are may be the side effects of her being in “love with herself” (insanity), as she boasted in an interview.