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2-minutes home quickies for rosy pink lips!

India TV News Desk 30 Jun 2015, 12:41:04 IST
India TV News Desk

It is almost every girl's wish to have beautiful, rosy pink lips! The beautiful pout and the pink tint not only add to the beauty of one's face but to those early morning selfies as well.

But in our day-to-day hectic routine, it becomes very difficult to maintain that ‘pinkishness'. Hence we go for easy alternates – the lipsticks, knowing well that though they will beautify our lips temporarily but largely and after they are taken off, will leave lips dark.

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But worry not! Here are some super easy home remedies for this. These are not only quick to use and easy to make but effective as well.

So, here are some of the home remedies that we can use for the dark lips –

1) Lemon

Lemon helps in exfoliating dead cells. This helps new skin to appear. One can either rub a piece of lemon directly on ones lips for a couple of weeks or sprinkle some sugar on it and then rub it. This also needs to be done for a few weeks to see results.

2) Honey

Applying honey will not only give you pink but supple lips too! One can directly apply honey on lips and leave it to work overnight.

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3) Cucumber

This is yet another quick and easy home remedy to get rid of dark lips. Simply rub a slice of cucumber on your lips for 5 minutes everyday.

4) Coconut oil and almond oil

Mix equal amounts of coconut oil and almond oil and apply this on your lips daily before going to bed. This will not only make the lips pink but will also make them soft.

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5) Turmeric Powder and Milk Cream

Make a paste from a small quantity of turmeric powder and milk cream and apply it regularly on your lips. This also needs to be done for a few days regularly.