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Kids vs. Adults: Who's got the scariest dreams?

India TV News Desk November 04, 2014 17:13 IST
India TV News Desk

What's the scariest dream you ever had? Being chased and killed, standing nude in a crowd, ghost feeding on you or loosing all your teeth?

The scariest thing about them now is that, you don't see them anymore coz' you're an adult!As a child, we all have our share of dreams and nightmares; though we hardly remembered them during the day, but they surely shake up our mornings.

It is not easy to draw parallels between your childhood and adulthood, but this funny video by 'college humour' has very aptly portrayed nightmares resulting in somewhat similar feelings in an adult and a child as well.

For a child, the feeling of being chased by monsters is compared to that of an adult feeling hopelessness of being trolled on internet or free falling for a child is less scary than your cell phone falling off your hand.

On twitter, people take it as a serious matter, if they loose followers because it takes some real effort to earn a follower, it's no less painful than losing your baby teeth.

And how can you forget the embarrassment of being caught in awkward position in childhood followed by being bullied, which is as scary sending some nudes pics of yourself by mistake to a girl whom you have been trying to date.

We can only end up by saying, that nightmares for kids are scary but they are even scariest for adults.

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