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Salary day: Tips on how to save it from your 'free-ki party' friends!

India TV News Desk 13 Nov 2014, 10:56:05 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Even ahead of your 'salary day', you have promised a hell lot of things to many people, be it night parties, pay-backs, gifts for special someone and even helping out parents at home... right?
By the time you get hold of your hard-earned money, you start having hallucinations of folks demanding parties, your bills, the loan sharks etc.
So the next day you feel like going bankrupt!
Every congratulation is looked upon with frowned eyes, 'Shit yaar...kahin ye bhi to party nahin maang lega'! And while you try hard to come out of it alive, one becomes paranoid where you may even start thinking of films like ‘Gone in 60 seconds' and this time it's not car, it's your money.
Here we have compiled a list of people and beyond, whose expectations run high and to some extent we ought to fulfil them.


Friends are the ones who are  overjoyed  with your first salary as if it is their own. They even start planning how it has to be spent... and you go like, 'Hey dude... I am right here'.
But you can't compete to their notion, ‘muft ki party, muft ki daru' , so let's be honest even you have partied on their money, so be generous and spend!


Obviously, family comes above all and we have also seen the archetypal Bollywood hero buying saree from his ‘Pehli Tankha' (first salary) for his ‘Lacchar Maa' and bangles for her unmarried sister.
Now after all this, not spending a hefty amount for your family will be a cardinal sin and from your parents, you will also get lessons, on how not waste money.


And how can we forget the one because of him you get timely paid! Apart from regular offering, remember you promised something when you wanted to get out of that mess.
God did his part and now it's your turn, so ‘Beta pehli salary me itneka prasad chadha dena', obviously, one should never mess with God's share and remember no discounts!

A few people will simply ask you, just to annoy you ‘bhai party kab de rahe ho', and the sudden response pops up in your mind, 'abe maine kya saree duniya ko pilane ka theka le rakha hai' and you will just smile ‘haan-haan le lio yaar, next week' and  the next week sinks into eternity.