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Master the art of fork and knife in just 5 minutes

India TV News Desk 04 Jun 2015, 17:35:36 IST
India TV News Desk

Has it ever been a cause of concern for you?

You go to a restaurant with a client or your girl friend…he or she orders a “dosa”, “pizza” or some similar thing for you both….and then….you start eating it with hands???

I understand, in India, dishes are best savoured with hands but will it really look nice while you are in a discussion with your client, telling him that why he should invest in your company or, while you are trying to woo your girl friend?

You will surely say a big NO!

[Image Courtesy: Giphy.com]

In fact the thought also would be horrifying!

You can even guess the outcome!

[Image Courtesy: Giphy.com]

But don't worry; the fork and knife art is not that difficult. While you have learnt so many difficult things in life from driving a vehicle to managing corporate affairs, so will this one really be that difficult?

Not at all!

It will take only 5 minutes. Believe me! And it's not even sophisticated! It's just a matter of knowing which one to hold in which hand and that “No force has to be applied”.

Initially, you don't need to worry much whether it is American style or European. First only learn to do it right and later master it by knowing the intricacies.

Anyway, let's start -

1) Look at the photo below. This is how you need to hold fork and knife in your hand.

Left one for fork and right one for knife! In case you are a left-hander then reverse the order.

2) You need to first pull out a small eatable piece out of the dish. (The way you break a morsel from the chapatti!) So, for this, cut a piece with the help of knife while holding it with fork (as has been shown in the figures given below).

3) Do remember that you don't apply force to pull out a piece. It happens easily. Just hold a small portion from where you will start with the fork (face below) and start cutting it with knife.

4) Now simply put the piece into your mouth as has been shown in the picture.

5) Do remember, you bring the dish to your mouth and you don't lean on the dish to eat it. In simple words, keep your back only slightly leaning on the table. Don't lower on the dish to eat it, rather bring the morsel to your mouth.

6) Another important point is that break a small piece and not so large that your mouth becomes full.

7) Lastly, this is how you leave the table. An indication that you are done!