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Use scarves to accessorise your look

IANS 29 Jun 2015, 19:38:47 PM IST

New Delhi: Tying a scarf is simple, but using it as an accessory can add to your style. Wear it as a belt or wind it around your flip-flops to look trendy, says an expert.

Bhuvan Ahuja, fashion expert of shawls, stoles and scarf retailer Ahujasons, has doled out some tips on how to use scarves as an accessory:

*Scarves make a colourful belt alternative. Tie it in a bow at your waist or wrap it around twice for a wider obi (a broad sash worn with a Japanese kimono) look.

*A scarf makes a great swimsuit cover-up. Go toga-style (tying the material around one shoulder) or wrap it around your back, cross the ends in front of you and knot it behind your neck.

*When you don't want to wear scarves you can knot it on your bag. It can add a punch of colour to an otherwise neutral-heavy outfit. Scarves add fun pattern and texture to just about any outfit.

*Scarves can also be folded or twisted first and then tied on your wrist for a quick bracelet.

*Wind it around your flip-flops and wear it as tie-ups.