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She was driven into 'prostitution' by her husband - but she still loves him!

India TV News Desk November 25, 2014 16:54 IST
India TV News Desk

Sometimes we judge people regardless of the 'core fact' which obviously is different from what we assumed. This woman has a loving husband, who would never solicit a prostitute leave alone forcing her to become one.

What if we ask you: 'Why a wife would be driven to prostitution by her husband?'

All of you reading this would have one common thing in your mind - To boost his career growth (like they show in movies & sometimes on daily soaps)!

Meet this wife, who had no other option but to choose prostitution. Her husband never suggested it (would have never ever thought of it!), but somehow drove her to take such extreme step.


After watching this we bet your perspective to life and judging people would change forever...

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