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The only Indian Company which gives child œcare allowance to female employees

India TV News Desk 05 Jun 2015, 17:33:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Surprised to know? But it's true! There's one Indian company which has not only won the hearts of its female staff but has strongly conveyed its employee-oriented attitude to others as well.

This Indian Company is offering a child-care allowance of INR 1.32 Lakh per annum to its female employees who have retreated the career path because of child birth.

First of its type, the company has outrun all its competitors who were still juggling with policies to empower women in their premises.

The name of this company is Citibank – the only Indian company (actually a bank) which has recently started offering a child care allowance to its female bandwagon instead of running its own creche' or tying up with one. It offers the allowance uptil 4 years and that too for four children.

Till date companies have tried taking many initiatives, like their own child care services to new mothers or extension in leaves after child birth however, none of them had been more satisfactory than this one which will allow them to choose a child care service of their own choice and hence a motivation to females to continue with the same company.

The initiative is expected to benefit the II-tier cities more where either the child care services are very poor or are not available at all.

The move is also expected to affect the otherwise decreasing number of females in the top layer of companies.

Interestingly, with this, the company has proved itself exemplary world-wide as well.

This move, after several others by it for female employees, is acting as a gamechanger in the corporate arena.