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Wedding day look: Top 6 trendy style for Indian grooms (view pics)

India TV News Desk 20 Aug 2014, 12:59:59 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Wedding day is not just a dream for women, even men too plan and prep for days & months to look their tidiest best on their D-day.

When the time arrives, women just browse up every single article for bridal tips; 'how-to-?' & 'What-to-?' types but for men, they are left to fend off for themselves looking out for grooming tips from their friends and family.

Even their wedding-day outfits are chosen by the elders in their family with them just nodding down for 'fitting' purposes. But that's clearly not going to happen here!

Even dudes love to get prep-up for their wedding, from facials, styling, and wardrobe selection, moreover their style statement accessories have been becoming a conscious effort from their side.

And as the wedding season is round the corner, men may find it too sheepish to approach the opposite sex for their wedding day shopping.

Chill! Here's you all got to do, check out some of the some trendiest and most unconventional looks for the Indian groom.

Choose your pick!

Photos by Vinod Singh

Look 1:

Nothing can beat typical traditional dhoti-kurta attire for the Indian weddings. One can team up 'kesari' or 'haldi' coloured knee length embroidered kurtas teamed up with non-white or pearl white dhotis imbibed with traditional golden border.

Or one can even go for plain kurta with off-white dhoti beneath heavily embroidered full length 'koti'. And to complete the look opt for 'Kolhapuri' chappals.

Look 2:

With dhotis coming back as the trend in Indian weddings, Indian grooms could play up with their attire for their D-day.

They can also chose matching dhoti-kurta with short heavily embroidered kotis or embellished kurtas with plain matching dhoti and sober kotis.

Kolhapuris as a choice of footwear is gaining up popularity among Indian grooms.