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Irritating things ever said to a journalist!

India TV News Desk 10 Nov 2014, 17:48:36 PM IST
India TV News Desk

'Aur bhai TV pe kab aoge'- 'Tum to roz celebrity se to milte hoge', these are just few of the most irritating things that a journalist/media person gets to listen from whoever they meet.

It seems ever since we joined the 'journalism' course, our relatives & randome people on earth conspired to put across most ridiculaous question to us!

As already a journalist's life is filled with day-to-day challenges and to top it all these people add more to our misery.

We have picked out some most ridiculsous questions we journalist are often asked:





Question: TV pe nhi dikhe kabhi?

Me: Wo uncle mein raat 12 se 4 ati hun!





Question: Aur beta chutti nhi milti kya, dikhte hi nhe ho aajkal?

Answer: Humare office mein sirf 'labour day' ka off hota hai!





Questions: Celebrities se to milne dete hai tumhe office mein?

Answer: Ohh please, once 'Salman Khan' came to the office and I ignored him!





Question: Press-card bhi to hota hai na, waise usko kahan-kahan use kar sakte hai!

Answer: Parking!





Question: Tum media ho to hamare bacche bhi settle karwa do.

Answer: (In mind!) Kyun 'daldal' mein fek rhe ho apne bache ko yaar!




Question: Please yaar, tu dost hai CV forward karde.

Answer: Bhai mein tujhse bolne walii thi yeh!





Question: Package kitna dete hai media mein?

Answer:  Conersation *Ends*!





Sincerely to 'Salman Khan'