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Darr 'Thapad' ka nhi 'Pyaar' ka hai - And this video would aptly tell you why

India TV News Desk 27 Nov 2014, 12:50:05 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Kiss of Love, Kiss of Love... stay away from the Kiss of Love!

Where half of India's orthodox section is busy debating over Public Display of Affection (PDA) and love, this video clearly shuts them up!

This epic video titled 'Kis Ka Problem Hai' released by Being Indian, tells us what we already know, but in a different manner altogether.

In India, you can easily get away with drunken driving, eve-teasing, child labor, molestation, littering but certainly not when you dare to express ‘love' publicly.

There is strict 'No-No' to love someone, show affection or give hug to your friends in public; even a kiss on cheeks or holding hands at a public place turns out to be a nightmare for some (including our own brothers).

Ironically, horrendous crimes committed in broad daylight go unnoticed, even unpunished sometimes!

But a mere glimpse of two people showing compassion becomes a topic of debate; people claiming themselves to be moral police of the country then begin carving out their own rules for justice.

Hush! How do we manage it man! It is seriously epitome of hypocrisy.

Watch the video...