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Knitwear is the most stylish way to keep warm

IANS 07 Nov 2014, 12:47:42 PM IST

London: As the colder weather draws in, one needs plenty of layers to keep warm and cosy and the easiest and most stylish way to do this is with knitwear, especially for curvy figures.
The curvy girls are usually doubtful about what to wear and what not to wear and in winters, the options get limited. So why not play with some knitwears?
You can throw on a jumper or cardigan and they'll fit seamlessly with your look and more importantly keep you warm, reports femalefirst.co.uk.
If you want a piece that's going to be worn with plenty of outfits stick to neutral shades like black, brown, beige, navy and olive.
Motif jumpers are huge at this time of the year, especially when Christmas and New Year are approaching. Just try to stick to thinner knits as anything too chunky will only add to your frame.
Also, if you're going for something quite loose fitting it's best to balance the look with a tighter-fitting bottom half, like slim-fit jeans or leggings.