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You can't just afford to miss this 'Cosmic baba' and his yoga prowess!

India TV News Desk November 20, 2014 10:24 IST
India TV News Desk

Every other day, one wakes up to find an all new 'baba' and an advertisement praising his godly prowess on TV channels.
You might have until now seen many a 'babas' but this one is a rare commodity! Just be prepared for everything unexpected.
His breathing process will remind you of everything else other than healthy living. This 'Baba' has all the virtues of a pole dancer; one must be born with guts to try out something like this real life, let alone being on camera.

And going by his accent, it seems this video is exclusively meant for Americans, where yoga has taken up as a rage. With such great acumen in laughing, you would probably want to suggest him to audition for all the laughing demons of Ramanand sagar serials.
We don't know whether you agree with his methods or not but one thing is for sure you will definitely laugh your heart out after watching this video.
 Any way, we would not bore you with our mortal words, just click on the link and experience something divine and out of the world!