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Make-up tips for that special monsoon date!

India TV News Desk 22 Jun 2015, 18:19:13 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Monsoons have always played a very special role in our fantasies. All thanks to Bollywood!!!

Every girl has a secret dream, going out on a romantic date with her special one and that too, when it is raining. Going out for a walk with your partner when it's raining, hand in hand, feeling the love in the air is the best part of a love story.

So, finally, it's that time of the year again when you can live those romantic fantasies.

But wait a second; you don't want your special moment to get ruined due to anything and certainly, you don't want to look all messed up at that time. Isn't it?

The rains can always mess up your make-up which might spoil your special moments. So here are some make-up tips for monsoons, to make your special moment perfect:

1. Avoid using pencil colour to darken your eyebrows as it might smudge in the rain. Instead use kajal or waterproof eyeliner to brighten up your face.

2. Don't cake your face with the liquid foundation. It's better to go for BB cream or a light foundation powder to help keep excess moisture at bay.

3. For lips, lip balms are the best option. You can also go for creamy lipsticks which have high moisture content.

4. Hair go frizzy during monsoon, so it is best to go for ponytails as it is a fuss-free hairdo. You can either opt for a high pony tail or a side ponytail would also do the trick.

5. Incase your hair are wet, simply clip half of your hair up and let the rest of it flow down.