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If you ever assault a woman - this video will jolt your conscience!

India TV News Desk 25 Nov 2014, 16:53:44 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Violence against women is nothing new in India and is no more a big news because we come across such things on daily basis.
We ought to hang our head in shame for not ensuring a safer world for the feminine gender.
Eye Zine, an organization committed to bring social and political change in India through art and culture is endeavoring to change the way women are treated in our country.

It is organizing India's first feminist convention ‘Hysteria Femcon', where an open dialogue will be felicitated to discuss the various definition and objectives of feminism.
It will also debate various impediments to the emancipation of women in India addressing issues like increase in rape cases, objectification of woman, queer theory, gender bias etc.
The convention will also screen feminist cinema, live art music, street plays and self defense workshops for girls. It intends to put an end to the patriarchal oppressions in our society and make it India a safer place for women.