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Barack Obama's daughter Malia Obama: The most influential teen fashion icon (see pics)

India TV News Desk 12 Jun 2014, 7:01:18 IST
India TV News Desk
Malia Obama who is just a 16-year-old teenager, is setting high fashion trend among the youth of America.

From her book bags to fashion finds, the Obama girl has found herself a role model and fashion icon among the very young group of people.

Malia is stealing the style spotlight from First Lady and mom Michelle as she shows off her trendy but classic, age-appropriate outfits at various public events.

Malia is applauded for her feminine picks. Don't be surprised if you see an increasing number of girls sporting bright colors, fun designs and prints as part of their wardrobe as they all are following the new teen fashion icon.

The elder daughter of US President Barack Obama has a flair for fashion, much like mom First Lady Michelle Obama. Malia, standing nearly as tall as her 5 foot 11 inch mother, carries herself with confidence and poise alongside her mother.

It is hard for any teenager to get an individual style, but it is even harder when the eyes of the world are on her and her hemlines, but Malia has proved herself as a true fashion diva.

From her straight, silky hair to her bright pop colours, Malia has always spilled the magic with her intriguing style. To add more charm to her confident personality you can always find a million dollar smile on her face.

The young girls wear makeup too but under the guidance of her mother.

No doubt she belongs to one of the most powerful families of the world but that does not mean that you cannot find her dressing up as usual teenager. Malia can be easily seen wearing tennis shorts giggling and playing with her friends.

Malia style and persona has a great influence of her mother. From hair to attires, a lot of things resemble between Michelle and Malia.

The elder among Obama daughters, Malia is growing as a self-assured young woman who has inherited her mother's confidence, bold fashion sense and looks.

 When Malia and Sasha accompanied the US President to China tour, the young ladies grabbed the eyeballs for her quirky fashion sense.  She has always embraced her lean figure with smart, yet bang-on trend and wardrobe choice.

Yes we can definitely say she is the first daughter ... of fashion!