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VIDEO: After watching this you will never feel ashamed of being a 'Girl on periods'

India TV News Desk 05 Nov 2014, 14:24:33 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Do you feel embarrassed when you buy sanitary napkins?  Why you prefer to carry it in black poly-bags?

If the answers to the above questions asked get 'Yes' as an answer, then you must read ahead...

In India, Menstruation has always been a taboo subject and considered as shameful to talk about.

Millions of girls like you and me are made to believe that being on period is a very bad thing and we should hide it from everyone.

From childhood to adolescence and adulthood to menopause we are forced to follow stupid myths and restrictions.

Getting barred from worshipping, visiting temples, involving in festivities, not using others bed or sofa, not eating pickle etc are a common phenomenon for girls living in rural as well as urban areas.

Moreover, using sanitary napkins is also not acceptable in a wide section of Indian society due to the associate feel of guilt and embarrassment while buying it.

As a result, more than 80% of girls in India are forced to use unsafe material (rugs) for discharging waste.

Lack of education material on menstruation, traditional misconceptions and misinformation about it and taboo nature of the subject have made the matter worst.

Every three girls out of 10 are totally unaware about the menstruation cycle before it actually started in their body.

This girl Aditi Gupta, who also faced every problem mentioned above during her menstrual cycle from childhood, along with her husband Tuhin Paul has decided to bring a change.

What they have done is not only essential but a brilliant effort towards making life easier for many girls. Through relatable comics (education material), the couple tends to make India understand that ‘Menstruation' is an essential part of female body, it is a sign of being healthy and one should not be ashamed of it…

Have a look what they have to say….