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Anxiety, Stress? Forget counsellor, a latest mobile app is the new fad!

India TV News Desk June 14, 2015 17:56 IST
India TV News Desk

Yes, it is as true as it sounds! Till some time before, we either kept to ourselves or preferred seeking a counsellor's help to deal with our psychological problems like anxiety and stress.

However, now, a new mobile app has come up to offer an alternate to it.

The app links the users with licensed therapists who guide, recommend cures, and provide a complete alternate to a confidential therapist through their regular prompts and messages.

The name of the app is ‘Lantern'. It was developed as a midway to a self-help book and a counselling session with a psychiatrist. Standing true to the claim, the app does exactly this!

On it, users can opt for a technique and counsellor of their own choice.

Soon after setting the preference, an online assessment is conducted which checks the user on his or her worries, moods, thoughts, eating and sleeping habits. Later, a 15-minute phone call with a therapist is arranged who discusses the mental ailment in detail.

After this phone call; the user keeps receiving, online tools and audio-guided exercises from the counsellor on regular basis, which they can complete at their own pace.

The counsellor known as “coach” targets a person's cognitive behaviour through the therapy tools and helps him or her build upon the same. The licensed mentor helps the user build better connection between his thoughts and actions. For example, someone who is quiet anxious might be directed to practice deep relaxation techniques or progressive muscle relaxation or likewise.

After the initial 15-minute phone call, the users can have unlimited messaging with the coach till the time they start feeling better or ask for a change.

The technique has been found as effective as an in-person therapy.

Recently, it was introduced on trial-basis in two colleges in Hyderabad, India as well and is likely to offer services to more people in future.