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Money doesn't excite men who are in female-friendly jobs

India TV News Desk 07 Jan 2016, 14:37:39 IST
India TV News Desk

London: A study has revealed that men are not always motivated by money, when in a job. Such is the case with those men who are pitted in female-dominated occupations. They tend to focus more on the social aspects rather than the financial aspects.

"Men who work in typically female-dominated occupations value success in ways that goes beyond salary and promotion,” said one of the researchers Kazia Solowiej from University of Worcester in Britain.

"Organisations need to understand that some of their male employees may not be motivated purely by promotional opportunities. Therefore it is important that gender stereotypical assumptions about success are challenged so we can understand what is important to individuals within different occupational contexts," Solowiej pointed out.

The results of this study have been derived from interviewing 34 men including 15 primary school teachers and 19 university administrators.

The interviews revealed that their definitions of career success included features other than pay and promotion such as building friendships with colleagues and flexible working that enabled time for family and social commitments.

Well, it seems like men start to behave differently when surrounded by women.

The study was presented at a conference of the British Psychological Society in Nottingham.