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Meeting them would make you doubt God's ability to create humans!

India TV News Desk 23 Nov 2014, 16:39:40 PM IST
India TV News Desk

We live in a world filled with people of different tastes, lifestyles and mentality but somehow we are able to manage with them.

However, some people are so irritating that it is difficult to withstand them forget spending time with them.

For such people, we often end up saying “Hey God Are You Watching”?

Take a look at such lot


1. Rap Maniacs

These kids dress like rapstars, memorize all the lyrics of rap songs and then sing out loud to irritate you like anything.

Rap culture is like an epidemic, which is spoiling the kids of middle class families.

OMG! What a waste of talent!

They should participate in World's Worst Rapper Contest.




2. People with fake Accents

Oh Yeah! You sound so cool baby.

Some people are in misconception that speaking in English or American accent makes them look cool and they can easily impress a person with that.

Only a real bearer knows the pain of listening to a person speaking in the fake accent. I feel like asking them from where you buy the tricks to annoy people within seconds.




3. Facebook Worms

These people break your news feed with new display pictures every day, status updates every half an hour, check-ins at irregular events, commenting on other people's statuses, liking new pages and ….hush

Babes! We got you have a Facebook account, free internet access and a smart-phone. Will you now please stop?




4. Remote Highjackers

The people who are in a habit to change the channel every two seconds should be banned from watching TV. Such rapid swing from sports to soap operas and music to mystery series can really blow anyone's mind.

Bring some stability in your life jerks!




5. Country Haters

Is desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta!

Despite being born, breathing, living, eating, littering and even pissing in India, some maniacs just don't leave any chance to bitch about the country's culture, mentality, lifestyle and the list never ends…

They always talk about how they badly want to quit the country but lack of opportunity is blocking there way.

God please arrange the tickets for them, even India doesn't want such people.