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India vs. Pakistan: How a Mumbaikar sees it!

India TV News Desk 10 Nov 2014, 11:16:22 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Team 'Being Indian' never ceases to amaze us, yet again they have come with something different and funny as well.

In this video they have tried to figure out the thoughts of Mumbaikars on Pakistan and it comes as a surprise that the youth of Mumbai are politically unaware.

On this issue Delhi definitely scores over Mumbai. You will also see there is hardly any ill-will harboring in the minds of people against our neighbor, a perception generally created by the media.

A gentleman very aptly said, that media on both sides of border keep blaming each other, so it is difficult to say who is more responsible for the ceasefire violation.

Also how could the issue of war with Pakistan would ever go without mentioning our own Sunny Deol and hisĀ  hand pump digging skills.

Watch and enjoy!