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Kim Kardashian's daughter to follow her beauty ritual soon?

IANS 31 Aug 2014, 13:55:10 PM IST

Los Angeles:  It seems like reality TV star Kim Kardashian's 14-month-old daughter North will take after her mother when it comes to maintaining a strict beauty routine as the little one already likes combing her own tresses.

"North likes to brush her own hair. You start with a brush and then you have to get a second brush (for her). Right when you get it all perfect, she takes the brush and starts doing it herself," Kim was quoted by femalefirst.co.uk as saying.

Meanwhile, the wife of rapper Kanye West believes she's relaxed her own make-up routine since becoming a mother.

She said: "Ever since I had the baby, there was at least four months I went without make-up or hair products. I loved it. You can kiss your baby and you can snuggle. I am less on the make-up since I had a baby for sure because it makes it hard to kiss."

However, North doesn't seem to mind her mother wearing make-up and even likes to sit on her lap and watch her apply it.