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One night stand, size does matter! Women prefer men with larger manhood (see pics)

India TV News Desk 11 Jun 2014, 8:01:14 IST
India TV News Desk
One night stand had always been though to be a product of charming personality and good flirting.

So if you thought your robust looks would get you the chance to get laid tonight and get the fun of a one-night stand, then you're definitely living in a bubble.

Men often live under this delusion that their charming personality and well-sculpted torso would help them to get laid, which is actually their own dream.

Women, who intend to get into one - night stand, prefer men with large manhood. So if you have a large girth, or the right 'size', then you'll be the lucky one.

A research was conducted to know how women choose their partner for one-night stands. The fascinating research was conducted on a group of regular pub goers.

A group of 40 men and women were asked question and the results were shocking enough!

While most common answers from men's side were, 'Maybe my looks work', 'I've got a great personality, you know', and 'Maybe 'am like glue or something'.

Women had rather shocking answers when they were asked how do they look or choose their one-stand night pal. Some of them said, 'He's got to have it, to do it', 'Size definitely matters to me', and one of most fascinating answers was 'Lover's don't mind about size, and… hey I do not love him, that's the whole point'.

The next set of study was equally captivating, for this part 33 penises of different size, girth and circumference were kept in front of women. And later they were asked to choose one for their one-night stands, and surprisingly each woman picked the tool of larger girth, and circumference.

But 10 minutes later when they were asked to pick the tools for a long-time partner, shockingly each women took time to feel, rate and select the manhood preferred for lifetime.

The results concluded that unlike men's belief, women visually get the idea of a man's tool right before heading out for one-night stand.