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Paneer Fritters : Easy to cook paneer snacks

India TV News Desk April 16, 2015 22:16 IST
India TV News Desk

The most favorite food of the vegetarians is Paneer. Right from kids to adults, paneer is something a vegetarian finds hard to resist.

When you have an all-vegetarian friends circle like mine, you need to recall some of the yummy vegetarian dishes before calling them up for a party or get-together.

Though paneer pakoda or chilli paneer are some of the famous paneer snacks, but over time they have become a bit boring to serve.

But this time we bring to you a simple recipe of tempting paneer fritters, for those immediate get-togethers, that will surely add crispiness to your party.


1 cup crumbled paneer

Salt to taste

Grated garlic

Chilli powder

Tomato ketchup

Plain flour

3/4 cup crushed papad


1. Place the crumbled paneer in a plate and knead it well.

2. Add the salt as per your taste, 1 tbsp garlic, 1 tbsp chilli powder, tomato ketchup in the paneer and it mix well.

3. Now divide this mixture into 9 equal portions and make round balls.

4.  Take 5 tbsp of flour in a bowl and mix it well with ½ cup of water.

5. Dip each roll into the flour-water paste and then roll in the crushed papad.

6. Now deep-fry the rolls in hot oil till they turn golden brown in color from all sides.

Paneer fritters are ready to be served with tomato ketchup.