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Most embarrassing punishments that every 90's kid went through!

India TV News Desk 21 Nov 2014, 10:24:37 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Most of our (mine at least!) school time memories are flooded with punishments & detentions with studies fitting somewhere between here-n-there!
Though corporal punishment has been termed illegal in India, but it is still more or less prevalent even today.
When we look back at those school punishments given to us, it makes us wonder how we did come out with flying colors through those punishment-cum-embarrassment situations.
Remember those school days, when we felt doomed enough because we hadn't completed our homework, or were caught doing something that we weren't supposed to do (only what our school thought…duh!), at that point of time the dread loomed on us making our fate vague.
But today, we often laugh at ourselves wondering how we could have been so afraid of all those tiny-bits. So, today let's just try to re-live those good old days.
Children now-a-days live with pride of being secured thanks to better laws made against teachers, but we (individuals born in 80's & 90's) never had such good fortune.
The moment, when a teacher asks mid-way during the class, about previous day's homework (which of course we never did!) from each and every student, and when your turn is about to come, only then the period's bell ring (declaring the defeat of bad omen) and you would go... haash "Bacha liya bhagwaan aaj to!"
But all moments were never same; some of them are dreaded even now!
1. Put your hands up

Well! This was one of the most cliché punishments and we rather took it happily.
2. Kneel down

Kneeling down was all right only when you were sent out of the class, giving you an opportunity to feel the fresh air from behind the 'bars of school'; in case you were told to kneel down inside the class, it turned into a funny moment for some friends, while we felt embarrassed half-sitting in such position in front of our class 'crush'.
3. Different use of rulers

An aluminum scale/ruler was used for everything else other than academic purposes. It was our worst adversary in class, but our teacher's favorite weapon. It was used on our hand often or for some teacher's favourite sport 'spanking' but never on paper.
4. Putting pencil between your fingers

Even today we can tell you that a 'Natraj' pencils used to hurt more than those floral ones. Honestly, this was cruel and should have been avoided.
5. Stand up on the bench

When the magnitude of felony was graver then the quantum of punishment also increased!
6. Face the wall

This has been termed & would be remembered as the cruelest of punishments ever for a girl at least! Normally for boys facing the wall in front of class definitely had its high, but for a girl (who could not showcase her beauty makeover to all students at once) this took the embarrassment to another level!

7. Murga

This punishment really checked our patience though it was a good as an exercise but in those old days we were not that health conscious.