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7 reasons why one should get married (view pics)

India TV News Desk 07 Nov 2014, 10:53:22 AM IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: In an age where most of us question the need for marriage, it's helpful to remind ourselves why this was the first institution God created.

Being married is nowadays considered to be old-fashioned. Young people find matrimony conservative and prefer to stay officially unattached. However, countries with traditional views still believe that family is something essential in every person's life.

In our opinion, there's nothing quite like lifelong love, and therefore chanting your wedding vows make that love feel a little different!

Here are 7 reasons why everyone should get married.

1. Lifelong companionship - Being in love is definitely the best thing but getting married is the ‘bestest.' Being committed to someone is great.

It's rewarding to have a person who cherishes and protects you.  Dare to dream for that special one for whom you will unconditionally spend the rest of your life with!

2. Lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases - Marriage is not just getting emotionally attached but physically too. Married people have a regular and stable sex life. They do not need to constantly look for a sexual partner.

This lowers the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases. People who disrespect their spouses and cheat on them stay at a higher risk of STDs.

3. Better financial situation - Two people, two salaries! Married couple makes better money and they can afford to buy more. If you are married, you are motivated to earn more to provide a better life to your children and wife. Single men can live on a lower salary since they are not triggered to work and earn more.

4. Longer life - If you want to live longer, get married. Do not make a mistake though by marrying someone who is not your true soul mate. Married people take better care of each other, support their partner and provide help if needed.

5. Easier to take care of kids - Not all people will agree but it is difficult to handle children's responsibility all alone. Whether it is a single mother or a single father, raising a kid is quite a difficult task.

Parents who share their responsibility for their children serve a better example. Their kids learn what a real family relationship is which will make them happier personalities in their future family life.

6. Fulfilling life - Married people have more opportunity to live a better lifestyle. They can improve their living condition and buy a better house or apartment in a nice location. They can also afford travelling, better food and education for their children.

7. Health issues solved - Both men and women are healthier both mentally and emotionally when they are married. Married people are less prone to strokes, heart attacks and other diseases.