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Time to get hitched...! Ask yourself?

India TV News Desk 16 November 2014, 22:47
India TV News Desk

Getting married is one of the most difficult decision of one's life, there are two facets to this story:
If you have a love life and you have been in a relationship long enough to realize he or she is the right person for you,then go for it.

But in case, if you are single and finding it difficult to mingle... Your relatives add to your misery by rubbing salt to your wounds.

As the elders (around the world & they need not be your relatives) keep nagging you with, “ Beta yahi umar hai, haath se nikal na jaye”, they begin citing examples of the people your age who already got married.

To bring you out of this conundrum, we have compiled a list of things which will help you in coming to a final decision.

1) When you are fed up of your mundane life and want to affect some change in it. Try getting married!


2) When those weekend parties with your friends becomes boring to you and you crave for more privacy in your life.

3) When you visit one of  those rare friends, who is a victim of early marriage and his kid comes running around you chirping, ‘uncle aagye, uncle aagaye,  and it brings tears to your eyes in a good way. In nutshell, the possibility of having children looks appealing to you


4) When you stumble across the girl you once dated and find that she is married long enough to have a walking child.

5) When some body mistakenly calls you, “uncle, jara side dena”  and you take it with a genuine smile.

6) You can also give it due consideration that family is not about me it is rather about us.So fulfilling your parent's wishes is not at all a bad idea.