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Wife's marital satisfaction key to good night sleep (see pics)

IANS 08 Jun 2014, 8:49:04 IST
London: Now you may know why you usually have a disturbed sleep at night - go figure out if your wife has higher marital satisfaction!

Couples are more likely to sleep in sync when the wife is more satisfied with their marriage, a fascinating research reveals.

"Most of what is known about sleep comes from studying it at the individual level. However, for most adults, sleep is a shared behaviour between bed partners," said Heather Gunn, a post-doctoral scholar at University of Pittsburgh.

"How couples sleep together may influence and be influenced by their relationship functioning," Gunn added.

Results show that overall synchrony in sleep-wake schedules among couples was high, as those who slept in the same bed were awake or asleep at the same time about 75 percent of the time.