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Burning calories while you shop! (view pics)

IANS 01 Jul 2014, 7:42:56 IST
London: Good news for women worldwide! Now they have a reason to shop till they drop as it will help their bodies to get rid of all those dreaded calories.

Women can now burn around 48,000 calories a year just by swaying their trollies around their supermart.

It was the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw who so honestly admitted that shopping is in fact her cardio workout and that's why she couldn't make the switch to online shopping -- so why not get yourself a workout in while you buy the essentials?

Shopping workouts are the latest exercise craze gripping the nation with hundreds of fitness fans squatting, curling and pressing their way around in an attempt to stay fit, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Clued up shoppers could be burning their way through up to 800 calories during an average shop.

That means twice weekly shoppers can burn 1,600 calories a week, or 83,200 calories per year.

Experts from shopping website Promotionalcodes.org.uk have come up with some exercises for shoppers who want to feel the burn.