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This 'skilful driver' will blow your mind off!

India TV News Desk 05 Nov 2014, 21:50:12 PM IST
India TV News Desk

The embarrassment that follows if we mistakenly hit somebody's vehicle with ours, or the angst when somebody hits our vehicle, or even we have to wait in traffic due to someone's inept driving can never be expressed without facial expressions and verbal slur.

Here's CCTV footage of a dumb driver, whose dumbness knows no boundaries. Either this guy was drunk or may have been in hurry to leave for heaven, because he was on a hitting spree... literally!

We should thank God that it was the scooter he was driving, had it been bus or even car, the damage would have been much graver.

This guy crossed all limits of idiocy; the scooter driver first hit a van and fell off along with the vehicle, later he regained the balance and moved on, only to hit a car , then rushed to obstruct another scooter, just to end up being banged into a bus.

Soon you'll see him running away leaving his vehicle only to come back again for the final call of God!


Watch in 'peace'...