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Smoky eyes: Tips to get a perfect look

IANS 08 Nov 2014, 17:00:47 PM IST

Los Angeles: Smoky eyes is the biggest trend in make-up nowadays but getting a perfect one requires a lot of time and also the guidance of experts. However one can get the look in few minutes by following a few simple tips.
Back away from the black eye shadow is the most basic thing one has to keep in mind and now follow few simple tips, reports huffingtonpost.com.
* Pick your colour: Match the colour of the pencil to the colour of your brows. A monochromatic palette means a natural-looking face.
* Scribble on your upper lash line: Loosely apply the liner following the natural shape of your eye. Smudge toward the outer corner of your eye. This helps make smaller almond-shaped eyes look larger.
* Scribble on your crease : Apply the liner just halfway along the crease of your eye and smudge as you go. Smudging is key here, as your goal is to leave no trace of any harsh lines.
* Apply to the outer corner : Add a touch of liner in a V shape to the outer corner of your eye. This final step creates that dramatic, sultry effect.
* Final touches: Lastly, learn the best way to apply mascara.