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Sonakshi Sinha goes 'Miss Sunshine' way for edgy Harper's Bazaar Bride cover (see pics)

India TV News Desk 10 Jun 2015, 17:34:05 PM IST
India TV News Desk

Sonakshi Sinha goes unconventional bridal way for Harper's Bazaar

New Delhi: Sonakshi Sinha is encompassing deep stun with her latest photoshoot. The ever-so-fresh and gorgeous Sonakshi has turned into Harper's Bazaar Bride for the month and she is killing every bit of her unconventional look.

Waving ecstasy in air, Sonakshi Sinha can be seen roaming alongside the sea. Beautiful backdrops of Maldives are assembling all the right inputs and making the cover look even more intriguing.

Overtly red hair and those kumkum makeup circumflexing the face, bride Sonakshi Sinha is all 'Miss Sunshine' here.

The lady who was off for a rather pleasing vacation in Maldives off-lately shot for the cover wearing Gaurav Gupta. And while the designer is famous for edging definitions in his style, here Sonakshi can beautifully be seen underplaying the entire drama.

In other pics too, while the lady is dressed aptly sharp and crisp, her soft moods and gestures are making 100 per cent of the bride she is portraying.

Quite a striking magazine cover we say, what's your plunge?