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Beat the workplace negativity with these techniques!

India TV News Desk 30 Jun 2015, 15:15:28 IST
India TV News Desk

Do you remain too restless these days? Have you started losing control on your anger quite often? Do you feel that your mind remains occupied even when you are deep asleep and it continues to remain agitated even when you wake up in the morning?

These symptoms are not regular with everyone hence they shouldn't be ignored. It is the stress at work that is taking a toll on your mental health. Piling up work and the interpersonal friction at workplace adds to negativity. This in turn becomes the reason of excessive stress and restlessness in you. So before it is too late, here are certain things recommended by Madhu Kotiya, spiritual healer at indiatarot.com that you should try to make your mind calm.

Infact a calm mind is always a better decision maker than the restless one. People who are at peace in themselves, have better analytical and observation power too.

So, here are some of the techniques which you can always try to reduce negativity at your workplace and make your mind positive and peaceful –

1) Chanting ‘Om' every morning helps one to develop peace and self-control.

2) Keeping an amethyst ball on your table helps in creating peace and balance at the workplace. The ball symbolises wholeness and emits energy in all directions equally.

3) Rub lavender oil on your wrist and temples to avoid any type of difficult situation at the workplace.

4) Lemon tea heals you by cleaning all the toxins from your body. So, one should drink atleast a cup of lemon tea every day.

5) If too stressed, then one should dip his/her feet in salt water every night. This grounds the negative energy and gives you peaceful sleep.

6) A green jade necklace can also be worn to attract better opportunities in life and workplace.