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Know how exorbitant could be a night's stay at world's costliest hotels!

India TV News Desk June 25, 2015 16:15 IST
India TV News Desk

Have you ever dreamt of living lavish and carefree? Have you ever fantasized the luxuries of the most exorbitant places of the world? Howsoever, far off dreams these may seem, but indeed, there is no harm in thinking about them.

Never know if they ever turn true!!!

World has many such exotic places where a single day could cost a person his lifetime earning. But then what's exactly the reason of such overpriced rate tags? What do they offer that charges so high? What's the secret behind their 5-star status?

Here, we have pulled a bottom-up list of 10 such high-priced hotels across the world so that it widens your dreams a bit. Give a peep into the luxuries they all offer!

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